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“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.”


Post and Pre-Solicitation RFI development consult:

  • User Requirements Development
  • Market and product analysis

Pre-Solicitation and RFP development consult:

  • Strategic sourcing and market analysis
  • Specification – product requirements matrix development
  • Statement of Work development for services
  • Develop evaluation strategy, scoring matrix and evaluation procedure
  • Terms and Conditions research and review

Post RFP Solicitation consult

  • Proposals review, evaluation, scoring and elevation of best offerors
  • Best offerors interview and 2nd phase evaluation

Post RFP evaluation consult

  • Perform the role of lead negotiator or assist stakeholders with
  • negotiation preparation and strategies.
  • Analysis of potential cost savings for products and sevices
  • Negotiation, contract terms and conditions – multiple phases
  • Negotiation for Best and Final Offers (BAFO) – multiple phases

Pre-contract award contract development review and consult

  • Assist with creating an inventory of documents for “incorporation of precedence for the final contract”.
  • Review of final contract documents prior to execution

SME functional consultation post contract award:

  • Assist stakeholders with “best business practice” decisions as well a development of new policies and procedures across multiple business functions.

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