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Gigie Button – Principal Consultant

Gigie Button – Principal Consultant

The inspiration behind procureIT

At the age of 12, Gigie Button immigrated with her family to the United States, pursuing her dream of becoming a naturalized United States Citizen. A native of the Philippines, Gigie’s love for the ocean facilitated a smooth transition after relocating to the Hampton Roads Region of Virginia. In the middle of a stellar career spanning over a decade in public procurement, Gigie’s passion for serving in the public sector came to an abrupt end.

In the January of 2013, Gigie learned her husband, a United States Army Veteran received a diagnoses for ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a debilitating illness prevalent amongst Gulf War Veterans. His symptoms started in the summer of 2012. Confronted by the Veteran’s Administration Hospital crisis identifying sub-optimal care across our nation and illustrated by the fact that Veteran ALS patients often perish in less than two years if left in a rehab facility, Gigie decided to run a hospital in the comfort of their home for over three years to extend and improve his quality of life. In January 2016, they both lost their battle and Gigie became a widow.

After his death, Gigie found a written message from her beloved husband indicating his desire to use his pain and suffering as instruments to help prevent others from experiencing the same.

Recognizing that she needs a job before she can begin honoring her husband’s desire to assist other Veterans, Gigie decided to pursue her dream to provide consulting services and share her wealth of experience and knowledge in the procurement of multi-million dollar IT projects.

Gigie Button is a proven IT Procurement Specialist that approaches her professional and personal life with passion, dedication, loyalty and results, regardless of how daunting or tumultuous the challenges. Upon request, Gigie will provide a long list of references that will testify to her character and validate her successes.

We begin by assisting project managers in navigating the complexities and nuances of procurement of enterprise resource planning, vital elements essential to developing and nurturing harmonious work environments that facilitate efficient information flow between all business functions, including managing connections to outside stakeholders.

Our goal is to minimize legal risks and protect your budget by negotiating impactful cost savings that preserve working capital and foster mutually beneficial client – vendor relationships.


fsm-backprocureIT is dedicated to providing a percentage of its profits to help advance the ministry of the Fallen Soldiers March (click here for more information).

Gigie is dedicated to Veteran Advocacy, and was the driving force behind a new Fallen Soldiers March Chapter in the Hampton Roads Region, to complement the mission of providing highly skilled Service Dogs to Veterans challenged by Traumatic Brain Injuries, Mobility issues, PTSD and other neurological challenges.

She is also dedicated to raising awareness for all Veterans and the sacrifices they made for this country.



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