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Training Services

Training Services

Selecting the right software product is only the beginning. Once the system is selected, it is critical that the internal policies and procedures are integrated with the selected software system.  Often existing policy and procedure will need to be re-designed and changes implemented.  procureIT can minimize changes and work with the software firms to make configuration changes, move or add hyperlinks, etc.  procureIT has been performing implementation services as an SME for inventory, materials management, procurement and customer service modules for over 30 years.

procureIT can also provide training services to maximize your team’s preparedness in selecting the right software system or alternatively, give you a competitive edge to go after business opportunities:visit here

Technology and Procurement Team Training Services – for Software Clients

Procurement of a software system can take several months to a year, maybe longer. Rushing the procurement of a software system, not negotiating associated agreements or clarifying the requirements can produce great legal and financial risks.  procureIT assists in breaking down each complex process into manageable slices with specific objectives, making sure your contract provides you with advantages and protection.  When a problem arises, hott adult comics sentence structure can be a detriment or an advantage at Read ibetnetwork’s casino review.

The most successful engagement in procuring an ERP occurs when there is equal participation from the technical and the procurement teams.  Armed with knowledge, the solutions that are available and the role they should perform to achieve a common goal produces exceptional results.  The alignment of these two teams at the beginning of the project is critical.  procureIT has over three decades of training experience and can provide training services to help minimize risks, help both teams plan and prepare for the complexity of ERP procurement, all the way down to the detail of how and when to purchase the hardware that is needed, sometimes even negotiating the hardware at no cost!

Technology and Procurement Team Training Services – for Software Developers/Contractors

Preparing a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) software system can be overwhelming. Poorly prepared responses often results in losing multi-million dollar opportunities.  procureIT leverages extensive knowledge to evaluate and construct successful proposals.  It is critical that the response addresses the requirements in great detail and is written with the audience in mind.  procureIT can provide training services to create a competitive strategy, minimize risks of losing the business opportunity, plan and prepare for the complexity of the procurement process, including the details of the negotiation process (contractual terms, proposed Statement of Work as well as competitive pricing).

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